(Endeavour, Classic J-class ship originally built in 1934 for the America’s Cup. Restored by Royal Huisman in The Netherlands)


We do not only provide guidance, calculate and report on today topics but are also engaged in coaching and interim management to make solutions work.

Sustainable Endeavour is your partner to develop and implement sustainable growth.



Natural gas is a natural phenomenon. Wherever it is produced, the fossil gas mixture is predominantly composed of methane. It has been used in the Netherlands (NL) for 60 years to heat homes and power industry. Now, due to its climate...

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December 2, 2020Blogs

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  • LCA in business strategies.
  • CO2 pricing
  • The fast track LCA and Ecocosts for innovation
  • Frequency and severity of major hazards incidents.
  • ECFA and 3CA incident investigation.




  • Promising renewable energy investment opportunities
  • Portfolio analyses tool in the economic and environmental domain
  • Applying LCA within investment decision tool
  • Company energy strategy
  • Stakeholder assessment



Interim Management

  • Creating a step change in safety awareness and have the change last
  • Providing asset sustainability monitoring and benchmarking
  • Create safe, secure and sound environmental practices within at company start up
  • Attain recertification after a sequence of disrupting events.


  • Strategy to build green growth
  • Sustainability product portfolio analyses & monitoring
  • Embed sustainability in business practice – ISO 14001
  • Fast Track LCA of products and services, carbon footprints and ecocosts analyses (on smartphone)
  • Sustainability in procurement
  • From trash to treasure, EPD, Ecodesign directive
  • Align innovation with sustainability, energy strategy
  • Integrate in ISO 14001 management system
  • Renewable energy business 
  • LCA in one day
  • Develop a fit for purpose safety performance enhancement program and have line management stand for it
  • Ensure process safety remains permanently on everyone’s mind
  • Draft and drive in house safety (awareness) program
  • Accident investigation and its follow up
  • Make safety culture last
  • Monitoring dashboard
  • Masterclass Major Hazards Control
  • Re-certification of QHSE management systems
  • Get the organization up to speed and make the system more effective.
  • Stakeholder consultation
  • Improve the internal audit practise.
  • Compliance management


Established in 2010, Sustainable Endeavour is a consultancy and interim management boutique providing Safety and Sustainability services to businesses and industry. The boutique is run by two partners both with a 30+ years track record in various sectors of industry and business. Focus is with the energy, transport and manufacturing in the technical, research, economic, environment, health and safety, quality and sustainability domain.

Both Joost Vogtländer (left) and Erik Wijlhuizen (right) have developed the skills to deep-dive, accommodate swiftly, produce a plan and make it work.

Joost Vogtländer is senior consultant, Erik Wijlhuizen is senior consultant and owns Sustainable Endeavour. Both of us maintains relationships with universities, small often specialized consultancy companies and a host of experts.

More about our team


Sustainability is the holistic approach for providing direction and magnitude of growth. Hence we need practical indicators for benchmarking and evaluation. Otherwise we get lost.Among others, the LCA based Ecocosts and the Ecocosts value ratio have proven track records in providing the needed guidance in Europe and beyond.

We believe mainstream companies and governments adopting new technologies and practises will account for the lion share of the transfer from today fossil carbon linear economy to the sustainable society of tomorrow. Providing a safe and secure place and a fair wage to people are integrated aspects of sustainable growth.

Businesses can only make a step forwards on green growth when long term fitness is more important than sheer quarterly profits. There is for a bright future no other option for businesses than to add value to their products and services at a progressively reduced ecological impact and resource intensity.

Our experience is that progress on sustainability can be achieved when making thoughtful decisions on R&D, design, production, marketing, sales and procurement for future products and services portfolio and track progress with metrics across the life cycle. Integrate the practice in the management system (ISO 14001) and put the money where the future is!

We drive your safety and quality performance improvement through mobilizing awareness by interventions and interim management while focusing on the critical items. The creation of urgency, conduct of performance based audits, developing process safety indicators and making company culture change last is grounded in a long experience track record in leading edge high risk industries.

We believe that by the end of the day everyone has the right to return home healthy an safely. This requires safety leadership to make everyone permanently aware of its responsibilities and need for interaction. Extend and conditions of processes and technical safety measures are an integrated part of a safe workplace. Embed this in the safety management systems

The bottom line is that each individual should be aware of unsafe situations at the workplace or production processes and has developed the ability and skills to act and communicate about it. Whether office or shop floor based. Not every risk can be foreseen with respect to its genesis and impact. However, a resilient organizational system can adjust to changes and can return to a safe state after disturbances.


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